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>> a historic night for the orioles. they are playing in their first postseason game in 15 years. fans hope that the magic continues past tonight. right now, they are beating the texas rangers 3-1 in the bottom of the seventh inning. a win would bring a playoff game to oriole park this weekend. fans are absolutely glued to their tv sets. george, it is a good night so far. >> when the orioles got that third run, this place went nuts. a great mix of attention during the game. as you said, we are live. you can see a few hundred people have gathered. they're watching the game on the big projection screen. this will be a night to remember.
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>> hanging on every single pitch. >what did you expect from orioles fans? their beloved birds are getting national attention. >> that has not happened since i was 10. i feel like i am 10 right now. >> the beginning of the year, how many losing seasons have we had? we are ready to go. we are ready for a championship season. >> the atmosphere at the bars was electric, nerve-racking, and historic. >> it is good, it is positive. it gives us something to be excited about. >> what does it mean to you if you get to play the yankees? >> that would be huge.
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>> win or lose, these fans hope for a 2013 vp of this magic. >> as long as we keep building the team, i think that we will be fine. >> we are back live to. it is the top of the eighth inning. this is one of those nights when you can tell that things go right for the orioles fans. this place will go nuts. we will show you that the sliders that a permit to be right in front of their bark. this entire street is blocked off. they don't have a permit to do so tonight. if they win, everyone will be rushing the streets. it would be a pretty interesting scene, to say the least. for now, we are live across camden yards. >> the orioles leading 3-1.
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it is in the top of the eighth. if they win, this is what the match up with look like. they would host the new york yankees for the first two games. the game 1 is scheduled for sunday night just after 6:00. game two would be set for 8:00 on monday night at the next evening. fans are showing there aren't. this guy calls himself the happiest fan. we want to see you. it can go to our mobile application to send us your pictures. right now, we are following some breaking news where police say a man is dead after an assault in brooklyn park. the officers responding to the 6000 block of ritchie highway just after 9. a man in his 50's was rushed to the hospital where he was
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pronounced dead. we don't know the nature of the injuries. there is no word on a suspect or motive. police hope newly released video will help them find a gun man who murdered a 20-year-old man during a bar fight. the shooting happened nearly three weeks ago in southwest baltimore. this video capture some of the chaos. a fight broke out on the second floor and a gunman opened fire. a 20-year-old died after he was shot in the head. >> i was up there and everyone ran that way and others ran that way. >> anyone with information is urged to call the city police the police are trying to figure out the circumstances found in a body. the body was discovered around 3 this afternoon inside the
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bathroom of the restaurant. the authorities shut down the lobby during the investigation. it is unclear how the person died. baltimore county police and fire officials are investigating the case of arson. a female firefighter fell to the first floor battling the flames investigators say they found a key points of origin where the fire started and say that an accelerant was used to spread the fire. the home was burglarized before it was set on fire. the person or persons responsible stole a television, and a dvd player, and then took off with the 2006 luxury suv 4 584m126 is the license plate.
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if you have any information, you can call the police at the county hot line. in ocean city, firefighters battle a to alarm fire at a restaurant that shut down route 50 in both directions. this happened just before 7:00 in west ocean city. officials say they encountered heavy flames. people were inside at the time of the fire, but luckily everyone managed to get out safely. police say they have arrested two suspects arrested for a string of burglaries in howard county. explain how a stolen ravens' tickets helped detectives cracked this case. >> the suspects are accused of stealing jewelry, guns, and cash from several homes in howard county but investigators say it was a pair of stolen ravens' tickets that eventually led
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detectives right to them. it all went down at a game against the cleveland browns. >> we went to reagan stadium the night of the game to see who would be sitting in the seats. >> a memorabilia shop owner was sitting in the seats. he was able to tell them who stole the tickets. >> we have some other evidence from pawnshops and that resulted in arrests. >> the police told us that they are not releasing the pictures because they are still investigating. so far, the suspects have been charged with four counts of burglary. they might be responsible for 10 more. the detectives say several witnesses described this in a getaway car. >> they were both inside of the car. the same car that we believe was involved in these incidences.
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>> in howard county, wbal news. >> some better than expected news on the jobs front. last month, the unemployment rate dropped below 8% for the first time in nearly four years. more on the september surprise and how this could affect the race. >> the jobs report could be a boost for the president after a less than stellar debate performance. from ohio to virginia -- >> just one month from tomorrow, you will step into a voting booth. >> president obama watching the calendar and the latest jobs number. >> they have fallen to the lowest levels since i took office. more americans entered the workforce. more people are getting jobs.
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>> the president celebrated the new report. the economy added 140,000 jobs. the figures do not reflect what a real recovery looks like. >> when i am president of the u.s., that unemployment rate is going to come down, not because people are giving up and dropping out of the workforce but because we are creating more jobs. i will get america working again. >> on twitter, some critics question the better than expected statistics right before the election? the former ge ceo wrote, "unbelievable jobs numbers. these chicago guys will do anything. the labor secretary said that her agency's data is credible and she stands by their work. an economist on the conspiracy theories. >> i think the chance that there's any intervention is
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really zero. >> there is only one more jobs report to go before the election. it comes four days before voters cast their ballots. >> political analysts point out that no president has been elected without plummet above 8% since the great depression. stocks struggle to a close on wall street giving up an early rally after the government announced unemployment numbers were better than expected. the dow jones closed up 25 points. would it be great if the bureau could be done at the same time where you are buying or snacks? a lot of people like that idea. 64% of those surveyed favored being able to buy beer and wine and chain stores. 31% are opposed and 5% offered no response. the poll finds that the majority of voters supported beer and
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wine sales from grocery and other stores. is special guest at today's ravens' practice. a scary rush-hour scene. 46 car wrecks that turned into a major -- that turned a major interstate into a parking lot. >> if you want to talk about a deal that the prosecutors cut. >> the showers are lined up along a strong cold front that will bring the temperature changes this week and put their right now, it is mild.
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>> this is the awful scene involving 46 vehicles and injuring more than 50 people. the crashes occurred near the border between sarasota and manatee counties. we're told 32 people were taken to the area hospitals, 20 others examined at the scene. amazingly, no fatalities. authorities believe that heavy rain may have played a factor in the collisions. the southbound lanes are back open. tonight, we uncovered the case of a violent offender who turned informant who is now on the run. he was really going to help city police? was it just as simple ploy to avoid combat to prison? >> this is a story nobody would like to talk about. authorities will not release his picture. the police are accused of releasing what is normally a piece of public information, an
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arrest report. the state's attorney's office will not answer questions. >> it was the night of september 25th. the police arrested a 31-year- old. martin, had bailed out of the car. he confessed to carrying a gun. he was never charged. instead, he convinced the police and prosecutors to allow him to be an informant with the promise of leading them to bigger players in guns and drugs. they held off on charging martin until his cooperation was done. the problem, it never happened. he was taken to an east baltimore housing project. the location he apparently gave for the target. a few minutes later, police lost track of him. the only trace was the recording
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device he had been wearing when police went looking for him. it had been left on a stoop. he might not have been the most trustworthy informant. in september, he walked away from a federal detention facility in new jersey and was charged with escape. he was in the federal prison system because of a 1999 case involving illegal gun possession. before that, he was charged and later convicted of state charges of attempted murder and gun violations. that was at the age of 14. a federal warrant is out charging him as a felon in possession of a gun, adding to his reputation as a repeat offender. we don't know if city prosecutors about his history and if they did, why they thought they could trust him. >> a big surprise for a high school shooting victim. the ravens' officials invited the 17-year-old to practice and he got to meet ravens' superstars.
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smith posted this picture. he was shot on the first day of school and side of the cafeteria and he has been recovering since the shooting last month. a school appeals -- field trip turned into a surprise for a kindergartner. the five-rolled was in her class. she had always picked pumpkins with her mother. the issue, things were different printer mother has been on active duty in afghanistan. it turns out that her mother was released earlier than expected and she was waiting for the class as they finished walking through the maze. >> i did not know you were coming. what are you doing? >> look at me? let me see your face. look at me.
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let me see your pretty face. guess what? look at me, hey? don't cry. you know what, i love you. >> finally, mother and daughter got to do what they wanted to do, walk through the pumpkin patch. >> that little girl is not letting go. >> no, not at all. she was just so happy. >> that makes my night. a beautiful moment. we have some weather coming in. it could change from unseasonably warm to more chilly than normal. a high of 81 degrees. a 11 degrees above average. the morning low was 59. the first five days of this month have been averaging seven
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degrees or 8 degrees above normal. all of that about to change with the passage of a cool front tomorrow. we will be talking about cooler than normal temperatures for a couple of days. 71 downtown. westbound into westminster and frederick, temperatures are still relatively mild. we will stay there overnight with light southwest wind. look at the changes. these are the highest today on the eastern seaboard. contrast that to the upper midwest. 76 in boston. only in the 50's 40's and 30's to the north and west of us. the leading edge is getting close. showers are developing through much of the great lakes, the ohio valley. it looks like the rain has state east of dallas and for north texas. it is moving in our direction and there is still some snow in the call this area. that will make its way through baltimore probably passing
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through in the late afternoon. the main impact will not be the rain, it will be the cool air coming in in the evening. almost freezing already. here comes the front into the mountains at 9, passing through the baltimore area in the early afternoon. we should start to see the band of clouds and showers. they will be very spotty showers. by the evening, the front is gone, the cool air is pouring in. it would not cool out because the area of low pressure and that keeps the skies cloudy. sunday it would be a chilly day. it should clear out nicely going into monday. still, temperatures will run below normal. tomorrow, 73-78. then the front arrives. the temperatures will start falling towards evening. a 30% chance of a shower tomorrow.
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gusty wind, especially when they shift to the northwest. if ya plans to be an amount, take a jacket or a code. -- if you have plans to be in the mountains, take a jacket or a code. the eastern shore is a solid temperature dropped because of the passage of that front. the same temperature drop in ocean city. the front goes through saturday night. the 74 cast around baltimore, md 70 pause before the front gets here tomorrow. only in the mid 50's for highs on sunday. upper 50's on monday. 30's 4 lows monday and tuesday morning. >> stick around for "late night with jimmy fallon."
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>> still ahead, an update on the orioles. we will show you what has michael phelps jumping for joy in scotland. that you have to see to believe. >> our first number tonight is 9, 16, 32, 8.
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15. 9-16-32-8-15.
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>> one of three things has happened. you are not familiar with the phrase "wild card," or you have lost your -- right now, they have gone to the ninth in oriole -- in arlington and the orioles' lead to the texas rangers 3-1. we can tell you that the winners advance to the vision series against the yankees. if it is the orioles advancing, they will be at the art. the cardinals with a solo home run our. the braves runners on first and second. simmons pops up into shallow left field. the shortstop misplays it.
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they argue the call. the crowd pelted the filled with garbage and protest. the players had to seek shelter. they played under protest but the final score stands. st. louis advances with a 6-3 win over atlanta. for the ravens' not played since last thursday, they are well rested and healthy. everyone's on their ravens' roster. the ravens are 3-1. the ravens' running back might not have as high of a profile in the offense but he has plenty of productivity. he is ranked second in the nfl. he dismisses kansas city's record. the ravens' learned the hard way not to overlook opponents with a losing record. >> a few years ago, they are a playoff team. not a lot has changed. we know what they're capable of.
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that is a very dangerous team with a lot of weapons. i never really get into a team's record. i go into every game preparing for the appointed. >> it with like -- might make 20 tonight. old mill hosting anne arundel. they are fighting marked as 6. down he goes. brown, he is gone. a 23-yard touchdown. old mill is up 23-13. anne arundel went on a crazy role. five unanswered touchdowns. believe me, they would not finish for a long time. this time to tyler young.
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64 yards on the touchdown and they would hold anne arundel within two. davis again. 29 yards. he cuts through traffic and sprint's to the end zone. 45-27 at that point. anne arundel goes on to win 66- 44. what can you do on dry land? it turns out that michael phelps has some crazy skills on terra firma. six holes at the course. 153 ft. . it took the puck about as long as it takes him to swim the length of an olympic size pool. guess what, he hits the putt. 153 feet. afterwards he said, this game is easy. stick around, we will give you the
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>> the latest from arlen's -- from arlington, the orioles are up a three-one at the top of the ninth. >> we have dropped 20 degrees during the game in texas. that will happen here during the weekend. have a great night and go
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barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- colin farrell. medal of honor recipient

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